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It would not be exaggerating to say that at the age of two, I already wanted to draw as I displayed my talent on my mother's new wallpaper with one of her very red lipsticks. To this day, red has been one of my accent colours in many of my paintings. After that, my mother made sure she kept me well supplied with crayons and coloring books as she believed that at age 2 one can discover an interest for a future talent in life. Well, she was not mistaken. Drawing and painting especially have since been my passion. I never stopped wanting to experiment and learn more. A box of pencils with 24 beautiful colours was the object of my desire after I saw it in a window box in the village store where I lived near Levis, Quebec. Later, in my adult years, I proceeded to do a series of paintings on paper inspired by that very same box of coloured pencils. Still today, it is colour that provides the first inspiration to start a painting. There is not always a plan for a special design. To the contrary, I let the colours and gestures of paint applications speak for themselves, supporting the creative process.

Drawing and painting lessons started with an English nun at the Ursulines in Quebec City while I attended boarding school. Every Saturday was my day to draw and paint. These were my first attempts in drawing and oil painting. She introduced me to the English painter Rayburn and I painted one of his paintings "The Boy and the Rabbit" which I still possess today. Then, it was drawing, painting and sculpture at the "Beaux Arts" in Quebec City.

After spending some years as a secretary after graduation, I joined Air Canada in 1965 and had a career of 36 years as a flight attendant.  I got married and adopted two wonderful kids during that time. Floating through the skies and watching the ground below gave me another perspective of the world.  I like to paint a variety of subjects and love to experiment on my own, wanting to discover new approaches. It can be very realistic, abstract or intuitive or a combination of those three.  I let it lead me and take me on a new journey.

Life offered a variety of great memories but I decided to move to Prince Edward Island to start anew. Here I found new inspiration for my work. The ocean, the wind and the peaceful nature of the land keep my soul in touch with the very essence of life on this earth.

Il ne serait pas exagéré de dire qu’à l’âge de 2 ans, j’avais déjà le désir de dessiner. Je l’ai clairement prouvé à ma mère lorsque je me suis executée en barbouillant sur le mur de l’escalier avec son rouge à lèvre. Sans vouloir frustrer mes désirs de créations, elle m’a tout de suite procuré des livres pour le dessin et des crayons. Vers l’âge de 10 ans, j’aperçu une jolie boite de 24 crayons de couleur dans une vitrine d’un magazine au village. Elle me l’offrit pour mon anniversaire. Ce fut magique! Plus tard, j’ai produit une série de dessins sur papier en utilisant certaines de ces couleurs que j’aimais. Aujourd’hui, ma première inspiration est la couleur.

J’ai commencé à prendre des cours de peinture vers l’âge de 12 ans au couvent des Ursulines de Québec. Mon professeur était une soeur qui était d’origine anglaise et qui m’a introduite au peintre anglais “Rayburn”. J’ai donc peint à l’huile, avec un peu d’aide, une copie d’une de ses peintures “The Boy and The Rabbit” que je possède toujours aujourd’hui. C’était l’exécution de mon premier portrait.

Après avoir gradué, je me suis envolée sur les ailes d’Air Canada pour 36 années comme agent de bord. Durant toutes ces années, je n’ai jamais cessé de faire de la peinture. En survolant les différents continents, certaines de mes oeuvres donnaient l’impression d’espace et d’envol.

La vie m’a offert un bouquet de souvenirs et maintenant j’ai decidé de tourner une autre page en venant m’établir sur l’ile du Prince Edouart. Les paysages sont ravissants et doux pour l’âme et la mer nous offre des changements constants d’une beauté séduisante. Cela me donne une nouvelle source d’inspiration!

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