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A Light in Pei

A penny for Your Thoughts

A Secret Place

A Taste of The Sea


Addressing the Ball

Afternoon At The Beach

Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Wanderings


Amaryllis Antique

Ann Shirley Hat (sold)

Argyle Shores (sold)

Autumn Day

Autumn Glow

Autumn Grove

Back For The Summer

Bird Haven (sold)

Bird of Fire

Birds of Paradise (sold)


Birth Of A Butterfly

Born In A Lily Pad

Bouquet of Life (sold)

Bouquet of Pionies (sold)

Bowl of OrChids

Brilliant Forest

Candy Land

Carnation Bouquet

Cavendish Shore I

Cavendish Shore II

Cavendish Shore III (sold)

Charming Homestead

Cherry Blossom

Childplay Dream

Children Must Fly

Cottage Still Life



Dancing Comet


Echanted Spring Picnic

Echenecea (sold)



Exotic Garden


Farmer Land in Pei

Field of Borage

Field of Popies in Pei

Field of Wild Flowers (Turkey) sold

First View Of Spring (sold)

Floating in Space

Flock of Birds

Flower Market in Paris

Fluffy Chicken

Free Fall

Frosty Crabapples

Fruits of The Land


Giant Pione

Going to Sunday Church

Heat Wave

Heron Reflexion

Hidden Treasures

High Society

His First Spring

House with Covered Bridge PEI

Hungry Fox

I Am Cruising

In My Back Garden ( Pei)

In The Heat Of The Winter PEI

Joy Lily

Juicy Treat

Jungle Dream

Jungle Joy

Kathakali Dancer India

Lady Slipper (sold)

Lady With Hat

Last Rays of Summer (sold)


Lily Beauty

Lily Pond

Love Season

Lupins of PEI (sold)

Meli Melo

Midday Brake

Moonlight Romance

Morning Mist

Mother And Angels

Mud Slide

My Bleeding Heart (sold)

My Cabin in the Woods PEI

My Life Story

My nest eggs

My Twin Brother and I

Nature Melody (sold)

Night Life

Night Sky

Nothing Like Home

October Wind

Old Orchard

Orchid in The Sun (sold)

Orchid Phalaenodsis (double)

Orchid Vanda

Pancake Breakfast

Para Sailing

Passing On

Pathway To The Future

Peek A Boo (sold)

Peony Bouquet (sold)

Pierrot et Pierrette

Planning The Next Catch

Property's Edge


Ravana Ten Headed Demon

Reflexion II

River Bed

Romantic Garden

Romantic Indian River Pei

Sailing In The Sunset (sold)

Sand Pipers (sold)

Seagull In Flight ( sold)

Sly Fox (sold)


Spirit Bird

Spring Thaw in Cavendish (sold)

Still Enjoying Life


Surf Up

The Arrival (sold)

The Bride in Red

The Caves of Urgup in Turkey

The Dunes

The Dunes Gallery PEI

The Everglade Fairy

The Eyes of The Soul

The Fairway Swing

The Fiddler in Purple (sold)

The Nomades

The Plunge

The Race

The Red Sun

The Seed That Grew

The Song of the Wind

The Villagers

This is My Mouse (sold)

Top of The Barn (sold)

Two for Tea

Village On The Hill

Volcanic Movements

Voyage in a Bubble

Walking By The Surf

Warm Memories (sold)

Where Do I Go Now PEI

World Wind At Point Prim Pei


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