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A Corner of My Garden (sold)

Beautiful Peonies (sold) (sold)

Black Redwing (sold) (sold)

Blue Vase With Lemons (sold) (sold)

Bright Autumn Day (sold)

Cats on a Sofa (sold) (sold)

Chantal in pei (sold) (sold)

Daisies (sold) (sold)

Dancing Orchids (sold)

Delicious Apple ( sold) (sold)

Earth Connection (sold)

Field of Flowers I (sold)

Field of Flowers III (sold)

Field of Wild Flowers (sold) (sold)

First Snow I (sold)

Japaneese Garden at The Dunes(sold) PEI (sold)

Kitchen Party (sold) (sold)

Light House In Cove Head PEI(sold) (sold)

Light House National Park (sold)

Love Attracrion (sold)

Muscoka Beach House (sold) (sold)

Pathway to the Beach (sold) (sold)

Piece of the Land (sold)

Poppies (sold)

Poppies in a Vase (sold) (sold)

Pumpkin Path (sold) (sold)

Pumpkin Threesome (sold) (sold)

Red Carnations (sold) (sold)

Red Zenias (sold) (sold)

Regatta (sold) (sold)

Sitting in My Garden (sold) (sold)

The Lonely Cabin (sold) (sold)

Tranquility (sold) (sold)

Tulips (sold) (sold)

Walk in Santorini (sold) (sold)

warm Sunset (sold) (sold)

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